What is StageTrue?

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It's time to track event engagement and interaction with real time data

The AI-driven gauge is a visual display of how much attention the audience is paying to the presentation
on the stage allowing the speaker to re-engage the audience before it’s too late.
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Questions & Comments

"There is no better way to maintain the audience’s interest than to encourage them to ask questions. Let your audience participate in your session and give everyone even the shiest person in the room a chance to raise their opinion by posting their questions and comments directly to the speaker."
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Improve your
‚ÄúReturn on Event‚ÄĚ

We call it ROE . We put our minds to make sure you will get the maximum value from all of your events. Engage and activate your audience immediately before each session ends.
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Gain deep insights
and valuable Feedbacks.

Receive a comprehensive report elaborating the overall outcome of the event including the successfully given messages. By highlighting the session’s peak moments, find out which topics and keywords caught the audience’s attention the most. Keep a log of all the questions and comments for further analysis and understanding the audiences’ needs. Gain smart feedbacks and organize your next events with better insight!


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Keep pace with your audience

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